4 Tips for Packing Lunch Like a BOSS!


As September comes to a close, you should be well into your Back-to-School routines. If your family is anything like my family your routine goes something like this:

Wake up – Get ready for work – Get kids ready for school – Make kids breakfast – Take your breakfast to go – Make coffee – Spill coffee – Change pants – Get kids out the door – Get you out the door – Work all day – Pick kids up from school – Make dinner – Rush and eat dinner – Take kids to extra curricular activity – Come home – Bathe – Brush hair – Brush teeth – Bed time story – Another bedtime story – Slay monsters – Clean kitchen – Wash laundry – Dry laundry – Fold laundry – Fold more laundry – Make lunches – Shower – Get ready for bed – Go to bed : REPEAT

Pretty sure I missed about 16 things from that list, but that’s a good summary of life with kids!

Some things are easier to get into a routine. Packing lunches is one of those things. Not only will mastering a good routine make it an easier process, but it will make everything else a little easier too!

Here are 4 tips for packing lunch like a BOSS!

Get ‘er done!

Don’t procrastinate on this one. Packing lunches the night before will take a ton of stress off your morning routine. Believe me, when you sleep through your alarm and all of a sudden everyone within earshot needs to get up and move like the house is on fire, you’ll be thankful that all you need to do is grab your Snapware from the fridge, throw it in the lunch bag and be on your way.

Cool it!

Whether you’re packing during summer months, or winter months, it’s important to keep cool foods cool. Snapware® Total Solution™ Ice Pack sets do just that! Simply pop the BPA-Free ice pack into the freezer the night before, and snap onto your lunch lid in the morning and your lunch will stay cool as a cucumber.

Keep it separated!

I think you’ll agree, there’s nothing worse than soggy sammies! Various Snapware® sizes mean there’s something for everyone. Main dishes in one container, and fruit and veggies in another will ensure that your food is fresh to go!

Label it!

Having two kids in elementary school means that a conservative 50% of things I send to school, likely will never return. Thankfully, built into Snapware® lids is a write-on area. This is great for not only deciphering which lunch is which, but also allowing you to easily change the name on the top of the lid so the adults don’t need to take their kids butterfly labelled lunch containers to work.

 snapware collection

To help you achieve lunch packing boss status, I have a killer giveaway for you! One lucky reader will win a Snapware Total Solution 16 piece set!

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  1. Jeannie says

    My best lunch packing tip: Freeze a juice box and use it as a cold pack. By lunch time, the food would have been kept cold and the drink would have defrosted for a nice cold drink during lunch.

    • Admin says

      Great idea! When putting tomatoes in a sandwich I always try to make sure there’s lettuce on either side so it doesn’t get the bread soggy! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Courtney says

    I have a system. I make lunches 2 days a week, Sunday and Wednesday. That way it doesn’t become a huge chore that I do daily

    • Admin says

      Great idea! I’m envious of your fridge space for this! Sometimes my fridge is so packed I don’t even have space for 2 overnight lunches! That’s a whole other problem though!

  3. Amy says

    I make up a “snack pack” for every day of the week, so all I have to figure out on the fly is what sandwich or leftover I’m packing.

    • Admin says

      This is a great idea! I swear that’s half the battle, finding matching tops and bottoms! Snapware is colour coded so that’s great!

  4. SueSueper says

    My best lunch packing tips is to keep veggies chopped up and ready in the fridge for packing lunches. Always have clean little containers put aside just for lunches.

  5. Laura J says

    My best lunch packing tip would be to buy a pair or new socks to wrap a frozen water bottle in to keep the lunch cool! The sock will absorb the water moisture so everything it not wet!

    • says

      Another great idea! I just recently put all granola bars into a easy grab container, this is space saving for me, and easy for the kids to get at for after school snacks as well.

  6. Jenny R says

    If you put peanut button on both pieces of bread and then put the jam in the middle, it minimizes sogginess of the jam seeping into the bread.

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