Aqua Adventure Summer Camp Lunch – Rubbermaid LunchBlox

Rubbermaid LunchBlox

Things I love about school being out for the summer:

  1. Way less traffic during my rush hour commute

Things I don’t love about school being out for the summer:

  1. Constant “I’m bored! There’s nothing to do!” comments from the smalls
  2. The fact that I still have to work (which my kids just can’t seem to understand)
  3. All of the places I used to retreat to during my lunch break are now packed with teenagers (note to self, start hanging out at the pub during lunch hours)
  4. STILL having to make lunches every day

Ok, so the making lunch part isn’t that bad, especially with these awesome Rubbermaid LunchBlox®!

Things I love about Rubbermaid Lunchblox®:

  1. Perfectly kid sized to fit a main dish, and two snacks for my littles
  2. Easy to open so the smallest kid doesn’t need help with her lunch, but snap tight so lids stay put
  3. It comes with a handy, thin ice pack to help keep lunches cool
  4. All pieces snap together, and are interchangeable
  5. Tall stacking allows for easy fit into lunch bags or backpacks
  6. Fun, kid-friendly colors that boys and girls will love
  7. Microwave, dishwasher, and freezer friendly
  8. All components are BPA free!

Things I don’t love about Rubbermaid Lunchblox®

  1. They don’t pack themselves

Seriously, I haven’t yet found anything I don’t like about these! The kids love them too which is great.

To celebrate the kids aqua adventure summer camp today – and to appease the biggest kids request to have octo-dogs, I’ve made an aqua themed lunch.


The main Rubbermaid Lunchblox® compartment contains a cheese croissant and penguin crackers, which the smallest kid claims are penguins climbing up cheese mountain! A snack container containing a yogurt drink and cheese string, and another snack container containing rice and the famed octo-dogs!

rubbermaid lunchblox

Some quick tips for lunch packing in the Rubbermaid LunchBlox®:

  • Easily follow Canada’s Food Guide – Fruits and veggies in one snack container, Milk and Alternatives in the other snack container, and Grains and meats/alternatives in the large compartment.
  • Easily pack for your child’s day – Morning snack in one small container, Afternoon snack in the other small container, and lunch in the large container.

Better Lunch in a Snap! Rubbermaid LunchBlox® makes packing lunch easier than ever. Modular containers are perfectly portioned and snap together to stay organized in kids’ lunch bags.

rubbermaid logoDisclosure: This post was brought to you by Newell Rubbermaid Inc via Mode Media Canada.  The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of Newell Rubbermaid Inc.

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