Chinese New Year Bento Lunch

Chinese New Year Bento Lunch

Kung Hei Fat Choi!! Or Happy New Year in Chinese! Did you know it's the year of the sheep this year?! Ya... me neither... Partially because it's not! Murphy's Law, a Chinese colleague told me that it was year of the sheep this year and that I should make a Sheep lunch to celebrate! So instead of asking The Google to make sure, I blindly made a sheep bento and patted … [Read more...]

Ski Vacation Bento Lunch

Get your veggie fix in easily with this Ski Bento lunch

Today we eagerly set off on our first family vacation of the year! A ski trip to Panorama Resort, a mountain I haven't visited in many years. We are all very excited! The drive to the Interior of BC is a long one, and in order to minimize stopping time, and maximize nutrition, I decided to pack appropriately themed ski bento lunches in our EasyLunchBoxes for the kids to eat … [Read more...]

Back to School Koala Bear Lunch


It has been an unbearably long time since I posted a bento lunch (see what I did there?!). Not for a lack of making bento's either, I suppose I've just been lacking inspiration, motivation, or just bento-mojo I suppose. What better time than the New Year to raise the bento bar? After doing some holiday cleaning, I stumbled upon a box containing some bento supplies that I had … [Read more...]

Little Ladybug Bento Lunch

babybel lunch

The smallest kid loves ladybugs, and apparently they love her too as it's not uncommon for them to land on her often, and in the most random of situations. In fact, we were in the car, stopped at a red light once and one few right in the open window and landed on her! Not sure if this is some kind of good luck charm or omen, but the kid has a way with ladybugs! So today's … [Read more...]

Mini Sammie Bento Lunch

mini sandwich lunch

Today is supposed to be a big day in my house... The first day back to school. Parents everywhere are rejoicing at the thoughts of reading the morning newspaper, finishing their hot cups of coffee, peeing alone, and silence... Oh the silence of the front door slamming shut behind the kids that are happily bustling off to school. Not only does today mark the first day of … [Read more...]