3 tips to make car buying easy

3 tips to make car buying easy

Disclosure: Sponsored post. Until the birth of my first child, I was never much of a car person. Never picky on colour, make or model (although my father is a staunch Chevy supporter, so that brand loyalty was somewhat bred into me), so long as it started up and got me from A to B, I was happy. Adding a tiny passenger to the back seat changed the way I looked at vehicles. … [Read more...]

Choose your own adventure with new Netflix Interactive Storytelling

Netflix Interactive Storytelling

When I was a kid, I wasn't a big reader however I was a huge fan of choose your own adventure books. You know, the series of children's gamebooks written from a second-person point of view, and allowed the reader to make the choices that would determine the main character's actions and ultimately the plot's outcome. From the moment I discovered these books I couldn't put them … [Read more...]

A Passport to relaxation with Netflix!

Netflix Passport

Rejoice parents everywhere, summer is near! It's been a long school year of packing lunches, extra curricular activities, homework and who knows what else on top of work! At the end of the day, few things are more satisfying than settling in on the couch and binge watching your latest Netflix obsession. Mom's and Dad's out there, you deserve it! But what about the kids? I … [Read more...]

Spin-to-win on Family Movie Night

Family Movie Night

Family Movie Night is an important night in our house. Each and every Friday, we hunker down with food and 'flix, and spend some good quality together time on the couch bonding over our favourite Netflix titles. Sometimes we make Family Movie Night extra special with my coveted DIY Popcorn Bar! With two adults, two kids, and often times a teenager or two in the house, picking … [Read more...]

I’m terrified of the teenage years

Watch and learn on Netflix

You will often hear my mother saying with snide laughter "I hope your daughter is exactly like you were as a teenager!" Now, I like to think she's referring to all of the awesome I was over those hormone filled, unpredictably ragey and emotional teenaged years, however I'm sure she's got other memories in mind. Growing up, I never had much of a relationship with my parents. … [Read more...]