The Gift of Time : Jord Wood Watch Giveaway

Jord Wood Watch

Way back in 2013 by some stroke of fate, dumb luck, or divine intervention, I was fortunate to have the most amazing women come into my life. I can say to this day that these women (and some not pictured) are by far the greatest perks that I've gained from my blogging career. We are women from all across Canada with such diverse backgrounds, but somehow we all just fit. It's … [Read more...]

Leading by example: The importance of teaching girl power

The importance of teaching girl power

Raising kids is hard, raising kids as a single mother is also hard, but making sure that you're raising a strong and confident daughter is the hardest! Smalls was born with a congenital heart defect, so from the very start she's had to overcome a lot of challenges. Her small stature being the most noticeable challenge of them all, and as a 5 foot 3.5 inch tall woman myself, … [Read more...]

Are you a cheater, or the cheater?

Netflix Cheating

It's ok... We've all been there. Well, 46% of us Netflix viewers around the globe have been - or at least are willing to admit that they're cheating right now... with their favourite Netflix shows. I'm part of that 46%, and I was recently busted by my man! You see, I thought I was being sneaky - watching an extra episode of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt here and there after … [Read more...]

4 flicks that will ruin your New Years Resolutions

new years resolutions

In January of every year I give something up. I've never really been a fan of New Years Resolutions, so I've adopted this annual New Years Resolutions meet Lent tradition. For the entire month of January I exercise my ability to say no, and put my will power to the test. This little tradition started many years ago with what I called "Dry January", where I gave up drinking for … [Read more...]

LIFE HACK: Think outside the litter box with scoopable cat litter

scoopable cat litter

This time last year, we were fostering a timid black cat named Salem. This was a win-win for our family as it gave us an opportunity to see if cat ownership was for us -- and our 100lb rescue dog, and it helped out a friend who needed to re-home her cat temporarily. In fact, prior to getting our rescue dog Havoc from the SPCA, we volunteered to pet sit a variety of dogs to give … [Read more...]