Crayola Color Wonder — Mess free fun = Happy Mom

Crayola Color Wonder

As a parent, you go through many “milestone moments” with your children.

First word, first tooth, first steps, first time to they take a black permanent marker to your Grandmothers white leather couch…

Wait, what?! That last one’s not a traditional milestone?

Well, sadly, it was for me!

We are lucky to have all of my immediate family living just a stones throw away, which means that family visits and occasional babysitters are always at hand. My two, amazingly creative, amazingly crafty children typically play well unattended — this often makes them well loved house guests! This particular day, the biggest kid asked to color while at my grandmothers house. Naively, I handed him a sheet of paper and went about my business.

You know the saying “Never trust a quiet child“… Ya… That!

A quick check in with the big kid revealed the source of the silence. He had not only been dutifully penning a lovely permanent marker portrait on that scrap piece of paper I had handed him, but also crookedly scrawled infinite details across the entire seat of my grandmothers WHITE leather couch! 

I nearly died. Who has white couches with children around? lets their children color with with marker — unattended?!

Me apparently.

I vowed to never let my kids color unattended ever again. That is until I discovered Crayola Color Wonder!

Crayola Color Wonder
Crayola Color Wonder is a unique mess-free colouring system complete with markers and paints that write only on special Color Wonder paper. Not only do the patented markers and paints only write on Crayola Color Wonder paper, they won’t colour skin, walls, fabric or importantly — furniture! So no more permanent marker on Grandmothers couch, and no inked up fingers, hands, or clothes.
Crayola Color Wonder products are near limitless! From coloring books and blank coloring pads to finger paints and markers. Mess free fun at home or on the go is a snap! Keep a Color Wonder Kit in the car or at Grandmas, or throw one in your purse or backpack and start enjoying endless mess free fun anywhere and everywhere!
Just in time for the holidays, my friends over at Crayola are giving a lucky reader an $80 prize pack! Enter below for your chance to win!

Crayola Color Wonder

Have you ever had a disastrous marker moment?

Disclosure: This post is part of the and Crayola and the #ColorWonderMessFree sponsored program. I received compensation as a thank you for my participation. This post reflects my personal opinion about the information provided by the sponsors.

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