{DIY} Disposable Lunch “M” is for Monkey

Today the kids are off to Crash Crawley’s for a Preschool field trip. Crash Crawley’s is a giant indoor play gym type place that my kids adore. Preschool asks on these days, that lunch is in a disposable container so they don’t need to worry about packing extra stuff around. One might think that packing a “disposable” lunch wouldn’t be any fun, but I decided to put a recycling/eco spin on it as I absolutely hate excess waste. 

I made a point to save the plastic strawberry and grape containers from my recent shopping trip as I knew they’d be great “disposable” bento boxes! One box was tall and skinny (grapes) and the other was short and a little fatter, so it took a little creativity to make everything fit, but it did! 

In keeping with the thematic alphabet theme, today is “M” for Monkey. I made a cute little Monkey sammie out of a cinnamon raisin english muffin with Sunbutter and Jam. I would have used bananas for the eyes but I didn’t have any. A small circle cookie cutter made the apple eyes, raisins for the pupils and nose, and apple skin for the mouth. I think the result is super cute and really proves that you don’t need any special tools to make cute bento’s! Also included in this bento is a chobani greek yogurt in Honey-Nana to make up for the lack of Monkey loving bananas, a pretzel stick and cheese pack, a pack of raisins that I received from this months Foodie PenPal, and a pear. Mmmmm! 

Look at those cute lunches! 

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Things I used to make this lunch:



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