Friday Finds: 11.04.2016

Beep Egg


The most important meal of the day… Right?

I love breakfast, in fact — I often eat breakfast at “other” meal times, I love it so much. That said, it’s probably one of the most difficult meals for me to actually eat during it’s intended time.

Figures, right?

The smallest kid has a new found love of hard boiled eggs. The bane of my existence — that is until I found this, crazy simple, but super amazing kitchen gadget!

Enter Beep Egg Basic!

Beep Egg

This amazing little musical egg timer has been a God send in the mornings. Going through the a.m. “grind” is hard enough when you have two parents tackling two kids in the mornings, but as a single mom dealing with waking, bathing, dressing, feeding, lunching, backpacking two kids, plus myself and a dog that needs feeding and walking in the mornings is near Olympic sport worthy.

How hard can it possibly be to boil an egg? You say…

Not hard! Yet I can still count the number of times I’ve way over boiled or way under boiled an egg on two hands… A couple of times…

The amazing thing about the Beep Egg Basic is that it plays a little song to tell you when your egg is cooked to perfection! It plays three different songs, three different times depending on doneness (Soft-boiled, medium-boiled, and hard-boiled).

Beep Egg Basic

It’s no surprise that I like my eggs cooked until “take me out to the ball game” plays!

Just toss your eggs in a pot with water, and of course the Beep Egg Basic timer and you will never over or under cook an egg again!

What’s your favourite breakfast meal?


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