Friday Finds: 2.5.2016

Happy Friday Friends!

Oh man, am I ever happy that it’s not only Friday, but a long weekend Friday with a bonus Tuesday off for me! 4 days of relaxation!

This week, I’m sharing a super awesome product for kids aged 3+ that’s a must have for your upcoming winter vacation, swimming lessons, or in preparation for summertime at the pool or lake.

Frogglez Goggles

Frogglez® Goggles are revolutionary, comfy and stylish swimming goggles for kids aged 3 and up. Made from a soft and fully adjustable neoprene strap, these goggles will stay in place, and are easy for little hands to put on and remove. They were certainly no match for the rough wave pool! Best part? Thanks to the thick neoprene strap, these goggles Frogglez Goggles wont pull or tear out hair like traditional rubber strapped goggles do.

Love your goggles, but just not the strap? No worries! Frogglez® Goggles adjustable universal velcro strap make them compatible with most goggles on the market. And they float!

Frogglez Goggles

Frogglez Goggles come in three colors, pink, purple, and blue. The smallest kid picked pink, and the biggest kid picked purple because “purple’s a boy color too mom!” (side note, once wet they pretty much look blue anyways!)

Frogglez Goggles are available at various retailers across the U.S. or they can be purchased on Amazon.

Frogglez Goggles

My kids are little fish, so these are a welcome addition to our swim bag!

Do your kids swim with goggles? Do you find the traditional straps frustrating?


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