Friday Finds: 10.28.2016

Groupon Goods

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This week was fall Bike To Work Week, an annual event that takes place twice a year – fall, and spring. In true Vancouver fashion, this fall Bike To Work Week rained basically all week.

Thanks Mother Nature, real dick move!

Friday Finds

While I have no problems biking in the spring and summer months, fall and winter leave a lot to be desired. And not just because of the rain, but rather the early darkness this time of year, and the fact I do NOT trust Vancouver drivers.

We are lucky in the Metro Vancouver region to have some excellent integrated bike lanes, paths, and greenways, but naturally, none of them are near my commute. This leaves me riding on the road, squished somewhere between the cars and the curb trying desperately to take up as little space as humanly possible — in often near dark conditions.

Coincidentally, I was browsing Groupon Goods and found these genius bike lights! Talk about a fun, functional, and affordable way to stay visible on the road!

Groupon Goods

These Multicolor LED Motion-Activated Bike Tire Lights retail for $20 and are on Groupon Goods for $8.99 — be still my frugal loving heart!

As someone who was in a major bike crash as a youth, bicycle safety is a top priority for me, so anything to help make bikers seen is a win in my books! Groupon Goods also has a few other varieties to choose from, as well as a whole host of other great cycling gear.

Bike To Work Week might end this Sunday, but it doesn’t mean your cycling days are done for the year.

Groupon Goods is more than just cycling stuff, there’s truly something for everyone! From Home & Garden, and Health & Beauty to Auto & Home Improvement, there’s no question you’ll be able to satisfy all of your needs, and wants in one easy shop!

Do you shop Groupon Goods? What’s been your best find?

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