“I” is for Igloo

I assure you it’s there… To you the untrained bento eye, it may appear that I’ve simply cut cut a bun in half and stuck it cut side down in the back of a lunch container, but to those of us who are well versed in the delicate art of bento-making know full well what that bun is. See, you can even see all those little penguins trying to get in the front. There’s also a polar bear, however he’s green… Something to do with global warming I’m sure. And the left over pasta, well, that’s a snow capped mountain or iceberg, of course! There’s also sliced pears and yogurt. You’re going to have to decide on your own what those are though. 

…It’s Friday ok… We can’t always be “on”! 

Hope you have a great weekend! 



2 thoughts on ““I” is for Igloo

  1. JayMelo

    The bun looks like a whole roast chicken lying with the back facing up. The ridges in the bread look like a thigh and wing. The pasta looks good. Everything is lovely as usual. I have been enjoying yur site for a couple weeks and I’m impressed with your creativity and energy. I don’t have kids but I’m looking for lunch ideas for myself. More recipes from your dinners would be great, also. I love left overs!
    Thanks, Jay


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