I’m terrified of the teenage years

You will often hear my mother saying with snide laughter “I hope your daughter is exactly like you were as a teenager!”

Now, I like to think she’s referring to all of the awesome I was over those hormone filled, unpredictably ragey and emotional teenaged years, however I’m sure she’s got other memories in mind.

Growing up, I never had much of a relationship with my parents. Don’t get me wrong, they provided for me in many ways – school trips over seas, enrollment in every sport and recreational activity under the sun, and financially just to name a few. But what I lacked in my childhood was that open door of communication that I so needed. I never felt connected with my parents, and I never felt like I could have those tough conversations with them. And you know what?! That same feeling has followed me into adulthood.

Now as a mother with two children, a boy and a girl, much like my brother and I, I aim to be the mother that I so needed growing up. Being a teenager today is vastly different and arguably far more difficult than it was when I passed through, so getting the tools I need to parent my kids through is very important to me.

Grab a box of Kleenex, and see what Netflix is doing to help parents and teenagers have more to talk about.

Children today are now exposed to a number of different media sources including TV, movies, apps, games and more. Ensuring these are positive influences which help to reinforce good values is an important part of parenthood. Who your kids hang out with, what they’re watching, and what they’re doing when you’re not around. Parents want, and need to make sure that nature and nurture are working together to teach important life skills that are crucial in helping to shape who these kids grow up to be.

According to Common Sense Media, entertainment can be a strong tool for teaching empathy as it showcases strong, supportive bonds between characters of diverse backgrounds and perspectives. TRUE STORY! I remember watching Dawson’s Creek as a youth and feeling like it was my actual life playing out in front of me!

There are so many amazing real-life shows on Netflix that can get that conversation started and help to open that door of communication with your kids. To understand which Netflix shows help represent core values for your little ones check out this Parent Cheat Sheet and watch and learn on Netflix.

Watch and learn on Netflix

Do you remember those tough conversations? Did you have a favourite show that helped shape your values and teach important life skills?

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