Kids Thanksgiving Craft Roundup


I can’t believe it’s Thanksgiving already! I hate that summer is officially over, but absolutely love the beautiful colours of fall. 
Fall is knee high boots, pumpkin spice lattes, and chunky scarves. Loud family dinners, aromatic spices, and handprint turkeys.
This year has been crazy busy for me, so I am not playing host to the family dinner, but with the hostess duties passed off, my plate has been cleared for the title of chief child entertainer! Family dinners are no longer just about strategically timing out food so everything is on the table in a timely manner, but also strategically engaging the small army of children that are ever so lovingly under foot during meal prep time.
This year I’ve come prepared! 
I “Dugg” up this post compiled by Craftionary, listing  25 Kids Thanksgiving Turkey Crafts to find something fun for us to do as a family before Thanksgiving dinner. Our four family rug rats range in age from 9 months old to 5 years old, and this list not only has a craft for all ages, but the majority of the crafts enlist materials that I have on hand! No last minute feverish craft store runs for me!
I’m so excited, and thankful that I get to watch these little cousins craft and create making memories to last a lifetime prior to sharing an amazing dinner!
What’s your go to kids activity for long family meals?


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