It’s Bike to Work Week and Schwinn’s got your ticket to ride!

Bike to work weekWell it finally happened!

I lost my commuter cycling virginity!

Yesterday was the start of bike to work week, and today I geared up my new Schwinn ride and embarked on my inaugural journey to my office! I am thrilled to report that I was door to door in a mere 22:16 minutes!

Apart from a quick stop to adjust my seat height, and being honked at by an old lady driving a Fiero, my ride was rather uneventful!

I arrived at work in approximately the same amount of time it would have taken to drive (I only had to stop at one red light, and blew past all the cars waiting in traffic!) but let me tell you, the feeling of accomplishment knowing I had just crushed a nearly 6km commute far out weighed the excitement of finding a good parking spot first thing in the morning.

Guys! I had fun, started my day out with a great little work out, and I feel great!

I’ve also joined my employers “team” for Bike to Work Week at Bike Hub. Register for a free account, as a solo rider or team and begin creating routes and logging your trips right away. Great prizes and perks are up for grabs for all registered participants as well!

If you want to get in to cycling, but aren’t sure where to start, check out my 3 tips for picking the right bike type for you.

Are you taking part in Bike to Work Week

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