#OrganizeYourLife with HP and Snapfish

Remember those good ‘ole days when thumbing through photos involved actually holding a stack of pictures in your hand and going through them one by one as opposed to swiping across the screen of your iPhone, iPad, or Tablet?
Ya, me neither. 
I mean, lets be real. The vast majority of my photos are taken with either my iPhone, iPad or Tablet where they live until I run out of device space, then move them to a folder somewhere on my computer that I’ll look at once in a blue moon. 
Enter HP Photosmart 7520 e-All-in-One. This machine is the KitchenAid (see what I did there?! I was gonna say Cadillac, but… You get it…) of the home printing experience. Not only does it print lab quality, fade resistant documents and photos, it copies, scans, faxes, accesses the web, and prints on the go. All from the simplicity of the super sleek 4.33″ touch screen display.
Perhaps my favorite feature of the HP Photosmart 7520 e-All-in-One is the ability to print wirelessly from your smartphone or tablet with HP ePrint! You can also print from a wireless device without a network. No more fussing with memory cards (although this machine is equipped with memory cards and an easy access USB port) or cords in order to free your digital images!  
Now that you can get your photos off of your devices, are you in need of a little inspiration on what to do with your photos? Snapfish is HP’s online design portal, offering a host of free downloadable and printable templates in various designs and patterns. 2014 Calendars, To-Do Lists, Mean Planners, Family Chore Lists and More! No reason to leave “get organized” on your New Years Resolution list any longer. 
If you’re looking for inspiration geared more towards exciting and unique project ideas for kids, such as Children’s Artwork Calendars or Custom Desk Organizers, check out the endless inspiration over at HP Create. 
I have a super cute and fun little art project coming up that I can’t wait to share with you guys! Stay tuned!
How often do you print out photos at home? 

Disclosure: HP products mentioned in this post were supplied by HP Canada.



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    Damn. I think I need this for my new home office in my new house. I can really see the merit in having an all in one. I wanted just a simple wireless HP printer when I originally bought mine. I still love it, but looking at this review makes me really envious. That looks spectacular.

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    I agree with Paula. I also have a HP printer at home, but this all in one is simply amazing. I like the idea of printing something from your iPhone through wireless! I always get confused with the mountain of cables I’ve got on the floor.

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    Honestly I don’t miss the old days of photos. I’m a much better photographer now – not because I take better pictures but because I can take a few and get one that comes out right. Between that and being able to make prints myself, it’s a lot more enjoyable than it used to be.

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