Picky Little Pumpkin Halloween Blog Hop

I love Halloween.
I love Bentos.
I love the Dollar Store (an no, I’m not afraid to admit it!).
I love cute stuff.
And inadvertently, I seem to love stuff that drives Mr.MoreThanYourAverageMom nuts!
…Funny, many of said things happen to be cute bento related things that come from the dollar store! 
Anyways, I happen to have an insanely awesome dollar store right near my work and hit the Halloween jackpot on my last visit. For a whopping $1 I got a little cauldron full of pumpkin picks for the kids lunch. The greatest part was that the little cauldron fits perfectly in my kids lunch box! Win-Win! I also picked up a few other Halloween related items that I’m sure you’ll see in the coming weeks. As I mentioned, I love Halloween, it also happens to be my Dad’s birthday so it’s always been a big deal and a fun time in our house. I fondly remember my Dad joking with me as a child that he was the trick, not the treat! 
Today’s lunch consists of fall themed pasta with cute little jack-o-lanterns in it, a ham and cheese pumpkin shaped sandwich colored with edible markers, cauldron filled with munchie mix, apples and raisins on the new pumpkin picks, mini cookies, and some Halloween gummies.
Hope you enjoy today’s lunch, and make sure you click the button below to hop on to see the next goulish Halloween themed lunch!
Things I used to make this lunch: 


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    It’s ok, I shamelessly love the dollar tree too! I haven’t been back to check it in a while, but I am going to now! I must see if we have those cute cauldrons here too! Nifty ideas as always.

    Happy Packing!

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    OMGosh! I’m seriously crying here! I picked up one of those pick filled cauldrons at our dollar store too, but my dear sweet husband threw my cauldron out and only left me the picks. :( Super sweet lunch! I love it!!

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