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I almost don’t want to talk about it for fear of jinxing it, however Vancouver has had quite possibly the most amazing weather as of late. I keep referring to it as an Indian summer, but in reality we’re just having a really fantastic fall.

In fact, I was recently in both Toronto and Vancouver on the same day. It was shocking that the temperature was 3°, and 26° respectively. Quite the change when you cross the country, needless to say I was very thankful to be from Vancouver that day.

As a result of the unseasonably warm temperatures that we’ve been having lately, we have yet to break into the hot Apple cider and Cocoa, but instead are still indulging in milkshakes and smoothies. I love making smoothies for breakfast because you can assemble the majority of it the night before, and just add in your Greek yogurt and SunRype juice in the morning, blend and you’re ready to go. Smoothies are also a great snack for the kids as a supplement to their lunch. They are super nutritious with sneaky hidden vegetables like kale and spinach, as well as filling with the addition of flax and Chia seeds.

My kids are in love with the new Mango 900 mL SunRype juice, and because of it’s awesome sleek carton with easy open twist cap, the biggest kid is able to help me in the morning by pouring the juice in the blender! Everybody wins!

juicesThere’s no real science to what I put in this smoothie, however the science falls in the order to which you put the ingredients in the blender. This smoothie contains spinach, frozen strawberries, blueberries, a banana, hemp hearts, Chia seeds, flax, Greek yogurt, and of course A good splash of SunRype’s mango juice.

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