Spin-to-win on Family Movie Night

Family Movie Night is an important night in our house. Each and every Friday, we hunker down with food and ‘flix, and spend some good quality together time on the couch bonding over our favourite Netflix titles.

Sometimes we make Family Movie Night extra special with my coveted DIY Popcorn Bar!

DIY Family Movie Night Popcorn BarWith two adults, two kids, and often times a teenager or two in the house, picking the movie for Family Movie Night can be a battle of negotiations (Seriously, when is Netflix going to add a “pick a random movie” button?). And it’s never because we can’t decide what to watch, but rather what not to watch! With so many shows to choose from picking just one (or sometimes two!) can be harder than choosing which popcorn seasoning to top your kernels with! That is until we implemented Spin-to-win Family Movie Night!

family movie night

The process is simple, if your family is like mine, and often can’t agree on what to watch, this Netflix Spinner will do the deciding for you! Just download and print, add your favorite shows to the board, spin, and start streaming!

Say goodbye to sibling rivalry over the remote and let fate decide what to stream next!

What shows would make it onto your Netflix Spinner?

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