Stick it to Back to school with Duck Tape®

This post brought to you by Walmart. All opinions are 100% mine.

Did you know that Duck Tape® could hold an airplane together?!
Ok… I’m not entirely sure of the truth behind that claim, however I did see an episode of Mythbusters where they used it to successfully pick up a car, and do other various super cool mind blowing things which really does lead you to say “is there anything that stuff can’t do?!”
Duck Tape® is a product that you can always find in my house. It’s a super quick fix for damn near anything (in fact, my dad is notorious for using it as a bandaid when he cuts himself), it’s inexpensive, and you can buy Duck Tape at Walmart. But my favorite part about Duck Tape® is all the super cool colors and styles you can get it in! No more plain old silver, it comes in almost any color under the rainbow as well as many cool prints like leopard and camoflague!
I can remember the kids at school making simple Duck Tape® wallets and detailing them with felt, but the kids of today have taken Duck Tape® accessorizing to a whole new level! You can see some of the amazing creations on Pinterest. I’d I could have my high school graduation back I’d make a Duck Tape® dress for sure! There’s also other super cool projects that I’d love to tackle like this lunch bag! My kids would flip for sure! How cute!
You can check out all the amazing projects and inspiration by following @TheDuckBrand on Twitter or on Pinterest.
Have you made any Pinterest worthy Duck Tape® Projects?

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    i didnt even know it was called “duck tape” …for some reason it was always “duct tape” to me and silver! i like the bold colors, we use it around here to identify our personal belongings like work tools etc.

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