Teaching through tech – Why you’ll find my kid behind a screen this summer

Kids Computer Camp

This past fall, I was playing softball on a particularly gross and dreary day. Not wanting to leave the comfort of the warm car equipped with heat, music and various tech devices, the kids pleaded with me to let them stay in the vehicle. With the car only steps away from the dugout, I obliged. It wasn't until months later while scrolling through my camera roll that I … [Read more...]

All you need is Love… And Netflix!

beat bugs

And doughnuts... Pretty sure life is better with doughnuts! I can't believe that summer is coming to a close, and the kids with be returning to school next month. The past two months have literally whizzed by! That shouldn't come as a surprise though given that we jam packed it with vacations, summer camps, beach visits and more. Still, it seems to get shorter and shorter … [Read more...]

Treat your love, and love your treat at Dairy Queen

dairy queen wants to be your valentine

As a kid, my baseball team would religiously be found celebrating our victories (and likely our losses), by hitting up the local Dairy Queen in Lynn Valley. It's a memory I fondly cherish, and reminisce about anytime I visit that store. My teammates and I would sit in our grass stained white jerseys (who gives a kids ball team white jerseys anyways?!) recalling the plays of the … [Read more...]

thank YOU!

I feel like it can go without saying, that 2013 has been an absolutely amazing year for me as far as blogging goes. But I'm going to say it anyways...  2013 HAS BEEN AN ABSOLUTELY AMAZING YEAR FOR ME AND MY BLOG! I'd shout it from the roof tops if I could in fact! This year, my blog turned one, I was voted one of the Top 30 Mom Blogs by VancouverMom.ca, as … [Read more...]

Cast your vote for Vancouver Aquarium’s Marine Mammal Rescue Centre


If you follow me on Twitter, you'll have seen that our family recently became annual members at the Vancouver Aquarium. Not only is it an excellent investment, but it's supporting an amazing cause. The Vancouver Aquarium is a business that is dear to my heart because they are local, do amazing things for all kinds of creatures, as well as give back a tremendous amount to other … [Read more...]