Panorama Mountain Resort: A family getaway to discover


The Canadian Rockies play host to seemingly endless vertical feet of skiable terrain, suitable for skiers and riders of all abilities. Nestled in the heart of the Columbia Valley, a short drive from small town Invermere, B.C., you will find Panorama Mountain Resort. “Pano” has a special place in my heart as it was a destination my family would frequent in the winter months … [Read more...]

Ski Vacation Bento Lunch

Get your veggie fix in easily with this Ski Bento lunch

Today we eagerly set off on our first family vacation of the year! A ski trip to Panorama Resort, a mountain I haven't visited in many years. We are all very excited! The drive to the Interior of BC is a long one, and in order to minimize stopping time, and maximize nutrition, I decided to pack appropriately themed ski bento lunches in our EasyLunchBoxes for the kids to eat … [Read more...]

Mini Sammie Bento Lunch

mini sandwich lunch

Today is supposed to be a big day in my house... The first day back to school. Parents everywhere are rejoicing at the thoughts of reading the morning newspaper, finishing their hot cups of coffee, peeing alone, and silence... Oh the silence of the front door slamming shut behind the kids that are happily bustling off to school. Not only does today mark the first day of … [Read more...]

What came first? The Chicken or the Egg?

chicken egg bento

Some argue the chicken came first... Others argue it was the egg... But really, does it matter? Everybody wins with this bento lunch, incorporating both the chicken, and the egg at the same time! Today's bento lunch consists of chicken wings grilled in my T-Fal OptiGrill, peanut butter filled pretzels, roast baby potatoes, skewers of pineapple, cheese, a cookie, and a hard … [Read more...]

Mini CuteZcute Panda Bento Lunch


  A while ago I received this awesome CuteZcute Mini Pocket Sandwich Maker from All Things For Sale a while back and am just getting around to using it for the first time. Not sure what took me so long as much like the original CuteZcute, it's super easy to use and fun for the kids. I was able to cut three mini sammies from the bread which is perfect for a lunch … [Read more...]