Strawberry Blueberry Protein Smoothie Bowl

Strawberry blueberry protein smoothie bowl is the perfect way to add a creative and beautiful kick to your breakfast!

Ever since green monster smoothies became a thing a few years ago, they solidified the top spot in my breakfast routine. As a busy, on-the-go, working mom who happens to be a vegetarian, it can be a serious challenge to get a wholesome, impactful breakfast in first thing in the morning. Smoothies are an easy way to pack a ton of protein and your daily dose of nutrient rich … [Read more...]

A smoothie for every season


I almost don't want to talk about it for fear of jinxing it, however Vancouver has had quite possibly the most amazing weather as of late. I keep referring to it as an Indian summer, but in reality we're just having a really fantastic fall. In fact, I was recently in both Toronto and Vancouver on the same day. It was shocking that the temperature was 3°, and 26° respectively. … [Read more...]