Star Wars Lunch

Star Wars Lunch

So if you're a fan of Star Wars, which it seems a ridiculous percentage of the population is, you're likely aware of the fact that Netflix recently released Star Wars: The Force Awakens. My kids were thrilled to see this as they recently saw Star Wars the something something in 3D. Yep... I'm one of the few that is absolutely clueless when it comes to anything Star … [Read more...]

10 things you probably didn’t know about Canada

10 things you probably didn't know about Canada

The problem with having school aged children, is that they very quickly become smarter than you. Not street smart obviously, as it's rare that a day goes by where I don't have to tell one of my kids not to eat random food found in the couch cushions, or why it's especially important to wash your hands after using public washrooms or outhouses even if you didn't pee on … [Read more...]

Clear your calendars – OITNB is almost here

Orange is the new black

Look out Netflixers, the highly anticipated Season 4 of Orange is the New Black is coming, July 17th. If you're anything like me, you DEVOURED the first three seasons. I think OITNB is where I got my first real taste of what binge watching really meant. According the the Netflix Binge Scale -- Dramadies like Orange is the New Black fall somewhere in the middle, but in this … [Read more...]

Bridging tough discussions with Netflix

How to talk to your kids

May is a month full of birthdays -- Taurus birthdays. My biggest kid, followed by my sister in law, my Mom, my man, and then me. If you know anything about Taurus', it's that we can be strong willed, stubborn, and sensitive -- to name just a few. The big kid turned 8 this year... EIGHT! For one, where does the time go? And for two, please slow down! At 8 years old my boy … [Read more...]

Sibling Rivalry – Netflix playlists for your squad


When it comes to streaming, our house policy is typically he who hath the remote, hath the power. This usually works well for mom, given that I'm  the only one who can effectively find the remote on a regular basis! When it comes to the kids however -- there is no agreeing. Being as the big kid is well, bigger, and more importantly, knows how to work the TV. When it comes to … [Read more...]