Are you a cheater, or the cheater?

Netflix Cheating

It's ok... We've all been there. Well, 46% of us Netflix viewers around the globe have been - or at least are willing to admit that they're cheating right now... with their favourite Netflix shows. I'm part of that 46%, and I was recently busted by my man! You see, I thought I was being sneaky - watching an extra episode of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt here and there after … [Read more...]

Cut the cord! 3 money saving ways to help you ditch the cable

How to get rid of cable

Every January, I give something up for one month. It started 2 years ago with alcohol, last year it was gluten, and this year it's frivolous spending AKA... Shopping. After being accused of being an impulsive buyer, or perhaps even addicted to shopping, I gladly accepted the challenge of giving up shopping for the whole month of January. Anything that wasn't deemed as an … [Read more...]