Binge For Love – What we’re streaming for Valentine’s Day

What we're streaming for Valentine's Day I don't know what kind of Netflix-er you are, but I am without a doubt a binge watcher. It's not my fault though - like a good book, when I get into a show it's impossible to stop. Even if my better judgement does kick in telling me that it's 2:00am and a best case scenario puts me at 4 hours of sleep before my … [Read more...]

Treat your love, and love your treat at Dairy Queen

dairy queen wants to be your valentine

As a kid, my baseball team would religiously be found celebrating our victories (and likely our losses), by hitting up the local Dairy Queen in Lynn Valley. It's a memory I fondly cherish, and reminisce about anytime I visit that store. My teammates and I would sit in our grass stained white jerseys (who gives a kids ball team white jerseys anyways?!) recalling the plays of the … [Read more...]

DIY Toilet Roll Valentine’s Day Craft

Valentine's Day Toilet Paper Owl

The kids and I love making DIY Valentine's Day cards to give to their classmates. We’ve made super cute personalized cards and now these adorable owls will make up this years toilet roll Valentine’s Day craft. The big kid has been stock piling empty toilet paper rolls, insisting that we make something fun with them. In the interest of cute valentines day crafts, and … [Read more...]

DIY Valentine’s Day Cards with #HPCreate

DIY Valentines Day Cards

Valentines day is one of those days that drives me crazy. I don't particularly like being "told" that I should show my love for those around me with insanely overpriced flowers and a crowded dinner on the town just because it's February 14th. In previous years I was typically able to escape, however now with kids... Good luck. The best I can do is at least not buy into the … [Read more...]

My Little Valentine Bento Lunch


Happy Valentines Day! Probably one of my least favorite "days" but it's hard not to give into the cuteness of all the heart shaped bento tools that I have in my stash. I much prefer to focus on CHD (Congenital Heart Defect) week, or the bigger Heart Month that is now my February. If you're new here you may not know that my beautiful little girl had a life saving open heart … [Read more...]