Chinese New Year Rooster Bento Lunch!

Rooster Bento Lunch

Gong Hey Fat Choy! This year is the year of the Rooster, and Chinese New Year celebrations kick off on Saturday, January 28th, continuing for 7 days. We’re celebrating with a Rooster Bento Lunch to kick off the start of the festivities.

Every 12 years is a Rooster year. The Rooster ranks tenth among the 12 animals in the 12-year Chinese zodiac cycle. A year of the Rooster always follows a Monkey year (which follows a Sheep year). As Metro Vancouver is a super multi-cultural region, there is no shortage of fun, cultural experiences to take part in this time of year.

Celebrate Chinese New Year, and the Year of the Rooster with this Rooster Bento Lunch

Today’s Rooster Bento Lunch consists of a Peanut Butter and Jelly sammie with carrot and red pepper accents, Chicago Mix popcorn, a kiwi and some cherry tomatoes. All packed in our Easy Lunch Boxes.

Do you celebrate Chinese New Year? What Zodiac sign are you?




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