4 flicks that will ruin your New Years Resolutions

new years resolutions

In January of every year I give something up. I've never really been a fan of New Years Resolutions, so I've adopted this annual New Years Resolutions meet Lent tradition. For the entire month of January I exercise my ability to say no, and put my will power to the test. This little tradition started many years ago with what I called "Dry January", where I gave up drinking for … [Read more...]

Walmart’s marketing department is at it again!

internet famous shirt

You may recall the hilariously ironicĀ I am not a blogger shirts that Walmart produced last summer. Well, I suppose they were only hilariously ironic if you were one of the many actual bloggers who snapped these shirts up, but none the less, they're a great shirt! Walmart's creative fashion marketing department is at it again with this new Internet Famous shirt to follow up the … [Read more...]