Chinese New Year Rooster Bento Lunch!

Rooster Bento Lunch

Gong Hey Fat Choy! This year is the year of the Rooster, and Chinese New Year celebrations kick off on Saturday, January 28th, continuing for 7 days. We're celebrating with a Rooster Bento Lunch to kick off the start of the festivities. Every 12 years is a Rooster year. The Rooster ranks tenth among the 12 animals in the 12-year Chinese zodiac cycle. A year of the Rooster … [Read more...]

Octodog Bento Lunch

The Octodog Bento Lunch is probably my favourite to make! It's quick and easy, and the kids love it every time!

One of my all time favourite lunches to make is the Octodog bento lunch. It's my fave for a few reasons, and not just because they're fun to look at, but they're fun to eat, and quick and easy to prepare. I almost feel like I'm cheating when I make this lunch because it's seriously that easy. I've said before that I love making bentos because it's a great way for me to … [Read more...]

Star Wars Lunch

Star Wars Lunch

So if you're a fan of Star Wars, which it seems a ridiculous percentage of the population is, you're likely aware of the fact that Netflix recently released Star Wars: The Force Awakens. My kids were thrilled to see this as they recently saw Star Wars the something something in 3D. Yep... I'm one of the few that is absolutely clueless when it comes to anything Star … [Read more...]

LEGO Lunch

Lego Lunch

I don't know about you or your kids, but mine are currently obsessed with all things LEGO. In fact, my son will soon be having a LEGO party to celebrate his 8th birthday. In typical fashion, I've been frantically pinning all.of.the LEGO on my Pinterest board in anticipation of all the things I tell myself I will DIY, but realistically run out at the last minute and purchase … [Read more...]

Chinese New Year Bento Lunch

Chinese New Year Bento Lunch

Did you know that 2016 is the year of the Monkey according to the Chinese Zodiac? The smallest kid and I learned all about China on our recent field trip to Dr.Sun Yat Sen Classical Gardens in Vancouver's historic Chinatown, and as Chinese New Year is quickly approaching I figured I'd make a Chinese New Year Bento Lunch to celebrate! The monkey in this bento lunch was created … [Read more...]