Chinese New Year Bento Lunch

Chinese New Year Bento Lunch

Kung Hei Fat Choi!! Or Happy New Year in Chinese!

Did you know it’s the year of the sheep this year?! Ya… me neither… Partially because it’s not!

Murphy’s Law, a Chinese colleague told me that it was year of the sheep this year and that I should make a Sheep lunch to celebrate! So instead of asking The Google to make sure, I blindly made a sheep bento and patted myself on the back at how cute it was.

Then, after Googling how to say Happy New Year in Chinese I discovered that it’s actually the year of the goat… Great. Ah well, I get points for trying right?

While we’re not Chinese, and don’t directly celebrate Chinese New Year, we do have a huge Chinese community around us so it’s difficult to not take part in one way or another. Plus, this is an event that is super fun, loud and colorful and I believe it’s tremendously important to introduce my kids to other cultures.

Today’s bento lunch consists of a small round sammie on a bed of brown rice, with cauliflower and olive accents and a candy eye. A side of carrots, a mini babybel, mandarin orange (with Happy Chinese New Year written on it), and chocolates are packed in our Easy Lunch Boxes.

Do you celebrate Chinese New Year?

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