Last minute Halloween Costume Ideas #StreamSomeScreams

#StreamsomeScreamsHalloween is one of my favorite times of year. I have loved playing dress up since I was a small child, so the opportunity to don a costume in public once a year is a ton of fun for me. Halloween also marks my Dad’s birthday, so Halloween isn’t just about dressing up and banging down doors for candy, it’s also about family coming together to celebrate. My Dad is a diehard Trick-or-Treater so our family tradition has evolved from him taking my brother and I out on the 31st, to all of us as a family Trick-or-Treating with our kids. Having 3-4 generations of my family, walking the streets dressed up in costume, enjoying the (often rainy) night, and reminiscing about years past is a night that I look forward to all year.

As I mentioned, I’m a lover of costumes, and thankfully there was a themed #TBT night at a conference I attended earlier this month where I shamelessly rocked an awesome 80’s bridesmaid/prom queen dress. In an effort to upcycle (plus, the costume was so awesome that I’ll take any excuse to rock it again!) I’ll be sporting a “Bridesmaids” closet costume this year. Hopefully someone gets the memo and a Truly Outgoing “Magic Mike” will show up at my house on Friday!

A gal can hope, no?

As the kids are all still young, we typically keep the Halloween night partying to a minimum, so I have serious plans of streaming some of the epic Halloween flix like Dawn of the Dead this week. Nothing like a scary movie to cap off a fun night!

What’s your favorite scary movie?

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