Simple Heart Bento Lunch

It has been an unbelievably long time since I posted a bento lunch… Kinda ridiculous seeing as this blog is supposed to chronicle the bento lunches that I make for my kids! I swear I’m not a fraud! I still create bento’s for my kids every day, however between the fact that I’ve been thoroughly enjoying my extra 15 – 30 minutes of sleep in the mornings, and the fact that we’ve had gross dark, flat light in the mornings photographing bento’s for the blog has been the last thing on my mind.
Terrible, I know.
So… I present you today’s bento lunch, proof that:
a) I am still making bentos, and
b) The lighting in my kitchen sucks!
It’s a simple one today, a heart shaped SunButter and jelly sammie with dark chocolate and sea salt popcorn (seriously this stuff is to die for!! They bring it out every around Christmas at Superstore *drool*), Iogo yogurt drink, heart shaped strawberries, heart shaped carrots and edamame beans.
Things I used to make this lunch:




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    I LOVE this bento lunch! I may actually make my little one’s lunch today (sans bento) in a heart theme! I may even make my own sandwiches in heart shapes today! Thanks for the awesome pic! I’m inspired! (And the lighting is just perfect! Ha!)

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    Such a cute way to do lunch for the kiddos :-) My five year old and eleven year old both made it very clear they want me to use the heart shaped cutter whenever possible :-) but I will have to change up the rest to make them match!

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    LOL!! Your post made me laugh!!! I am so not creative when it comes to my kids lunches!! They are so picky!!! They want butter sandwiches. I feel like a prison guard sometimes! lol!! Your lunch is unbelievably beautiful!

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    Oh I have to laugh at myself for this, I don’t think I will ever be organized enough to give my kids heart shaped anything for lunch. Getting a lunch packed for myself is hard enough, let alone starting in sept when I need to make one for DS too!

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    The time you Bento moms put into these lunches amazes me. I miss not being able to send dairy with my kids for lunch. Dues to allergies at the school. Love the hearts!

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