BC Place and Centerplate pair food and tech for the 2019 Whitecaps FC season

Two things I love:

Sports and food.

As a vegetarian, there’s nothing worse than planning a night out to my favorite sporting event only to discover once arrived that there are little to no meal options for me.

Womp, womp…

And as a sports fan, there’s nothing worse than missing kick-off or an epic play because you’re standing in line waiting for food.

Well, both those ships have sailed as BC Place and Centreplate kicked-off the 2019 sporting seasons by launching a host of finger-licking-good additions to the menu to help fuel ‘Caps fans at Whitecaps FC home matches.

But ready for the real kicker (see what I did there…) – for the first time ever, fans can now tap their NFC enabled device or scan a QR code to order food and drinks right to their seats!

BC Place Food

Maximize comfort and convenience at your next game!

Now that we know how easily we can get amazing food, let’s talk a little more about that amazing food!

BC Place Food

New culinary creations on the 2019 menu include items such as The Outrageous Burger (pictured above) featuring Three house-made beef patties, hot dog, three chicken strips, six strips of bacon, three cheddar cheese slices, fries, house recipe sauce, available at the Lionsgate Grill.

BC Place Food

Beast Fries, available from The Poutenierre – fries topped with caramelized onion, cheddar cheese, Thousand Island dressing and hot cheetos crunch.


BC Place Food

Crispy Shrimp Tacos are available at Steveston’s Fish & Chips stand. If I had my way, every day would be Taco Tuesday, so these were a big win in my books.

BC Place Food

Butter Chicken, Lamb Curry and vegan Chana Masala  are the new house-made Indian offerings from Bombay Kitchen.

That’s not even all of the new menu items! Seriously, there’s something for every fan at BC Place!

For more information about BC Place including rotating menu selections and event day specials, follow @BCPlace on Twitter and check out their website at www.bcplace.com

What food item are you excited to try?

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