Bento Momma’s Momma Bento!

Bento’s aren’t just for kids folks. Momma’s gotta eat too, and today, Momma’s eating in style!

One of the reasons I started making cute bento’s for the kids was because I wanted them to have a good selection of visually appealing, healthy, and fun foods to pick from in an effort to have empty lunch boxes returned to me at the end of the day. Well, this philosophy can very well be applied to myself too. Human’s are visual creatures, and we’re far more likely to be attracted to food that is presented in an appealing manner.

Enter cute girly lunch box!

In an effort to get healthier, I’ve been running 2-3 days a week with a group of people from work. While this is excellent exercise, after my run I am famished! Like want to eat everything and anything in my path famished! So, to combat my extreme hunger I’ve been packing a protein rich salad on run days. Today’s lunch is packed in my super cute hot pink Smart Planet Collapsible Lunch box which I love because it holds a TON and collapses flat for transporting home at the end of the day.

Today’s lunch consists of a mixed green salad with cucumber and carrots, topped with cranberry goat cheese and balsamic raspberry vinaigrette, snap peas, and a tuna baked avacado… Mmmmmmm!

Also enjoying a raspberry Chobani and Numi tea!

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Things I used to make this lunch:



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    Super cute lunch box and a delicious sounding lunch. I wish you lots of luck in your pursuits of healthy living! I always love seeing not only the kids lunches but the adult ones too (and occasionally show much lunch :P). Great entry.
    Happy Packing!


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