Escape for an evening: Cypress Mountain Snowshoe & Fondue Tour

Cypress Mountain Snowshoe & Fondue Tour

Growing up on the North Shore, the mountains were literally my backyard. While summer has always been hands-down my favourite season, the mountains have always called me. Childhood evenings and weekends were spent night skiing and racer training on the local ski hills. I am no stranger to the slopes, but my snow sport experience has mostly been limited to the fast, downhill variety. Last week this changed as I traded in waxed ski’s for metal snowshoes to check out the Cypress Mountain Snowshoe & Fondue Tour.

Cypress Mountain Snowshoe & Fondue Tour

I’m athletic and outdoorsy, but the idea of a four-hour tour snowshoeing through a winter wonderland was slightly intimidating given my bad hip, knowing a delicious homemade cheese and chocolate fondue was the end reward I took a calculated risk. I was pleasantly surprised as while it was definitely an excellent workout, the snowshoe portion of the tour was brisk and more serene than it was challenging. Our guide stopped periodically for storytelling and laughs, and before we knew it, we were met by the beautiful new Hollyburn Lodge.

Cypress Mountain Snowshoe & Fondue Tour cheese fondue dinner

Did I mention there was cheese & chocolate fondue?

The next hours were spent warming up over cups of hot cocoa and cider, salad, laughs and of course delicious handmade cheese fondue followed by rich chocolate fondue and a host of amazing dippables from roasted veggies, breads, and meatballs to fruit, marshmallows and graham crackers.

Cypress Mountain
Snowshoe & Fondue Tour

The hike back to the base was considerably shorter than the hike to the lodge – and thank god for that because I was so full of cheese and carbs that rolling back down the hill seemed like the most rational way off the mountain at that point!

Cypress Mountain boasts six snowshoeing package options as well as self-guided tours and countless other awesome snow-filled activities that are sure to interest you this season.

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