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Today was an excellent mail day… An unexpected, excellent mail day!! I had long since forgotten about the egg molds that I ordered off eBay a while ago, until there they were, in all their little packaged goodness sitting on the counter for me when I got home! As I’m still new to bento-ing, and our walk in supply stores are somewhat limited out here, I don’t have nearly as many fun supplies as I’d like, so any opportunity to get new and exciting things, I’m all over!
I currently have 2 plain ole egg molds in my arsenal, a heart and a star. While I like them, there a little boring! The molds that I received today are a bunny, a car, and fish!! YAY! 
Needless to say, I was more than excited to use them. I promptly put some eggs on boil to test out my new toys!!
I love the molds, and the final product, however I’m thinking that I’m going to need to start buying extra large eggs as opposed to my current large eggs as they don’t entirely fill the mold. Still adorable though! 
I bought the molds off of this seller on eBay. The price was fantastic, I got three egg molds for under $3.00 and that included FREE SHIPPING!!! How great is that!?! They have piles of other great bento stuff too! Go check them out! 
I’m excited to use my new molds not only for eggs, but other things too, like rice and potatoes!!



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    Stopping into your blog after I saw your post on VEG’s blog. I bought myself a bento box at the end of the school year because I often only have time to snack on small portions of healthy food at break/lunch while teaching. I’ve gathered quite a bit of inspiration from your blog. I’ve never seen the egg molds before. How do you use them?

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      Hello Amber!
      So happy that you found my blog! Egg molds are super easy to use… The hard part is finding them! :) All you do is hard boil an egg, and then while it’s still hot you peel the shell off and put it into the egg mold. Stick the egg mold into a cold water bath (cold water in a bowl) and put it in the fridge for an hour or so, until the egg is cool. Then take it out and trim any excess egg that might have squished out!

      Perhaps I’ll do a video tutorial for anyone who might be interested!

      Thanks for reading!

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