“F” is for French Toast, Fish, and Fudge… Oh my! Bento Lunch

Today’s lunch is brought to you by the letter “F”, and believe it or not I’m thankful for that! I seem to have passed down my inherent love for breakfast to my children, so I knew that a breakfast for lunch bento would go over well with the kids. Did I mention that the biggest kid at TEN pancakes for breafast the other weekend?! That kid seriously loves his breakfast food! Today’s lunch features French Toast kebabs on heart picks with alternating strawberries, a hard boiled egg shaped with a fish mold, and hand cut flower carrots and flower cut cucumbers. Difficult to see in the pictures is the blueberry Fudge that we received in our Foodie PenPal Box. It’s been patiently waiting to be used (I have a slight tendency to hoard stuff) and today was the perfect time! I had a little taste of it and it’s DELISH! My foodie penpal knew what she was talking about when she said it was her favorite! 

Things I used to make this lunch:
Japanese Bento Box Accessory Long Food Pick 30 pcs Heart



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