Honey Almond Quinoa Granola

This Honey Almond Quinoa Granola is a healthy and super easy way to add some crunch to your next meal.

Breakfast is undoubtedly the most important meal of the day, and yet it's one that I often skip with the excuse of "I'm too busy" or, "There's not enough time". It's nothing against breakfast itself though, in fact, I have an undying love for allllll of the breakfast foods, it's just that I'm not really a morning person. I'm more of a hit snooze until you're five minutes late … [Read more...]

{RECIPE} French Toast Roll Ups


I have a confession to make... I am 30 years old, and I JUST discovered that I like Nutella... I know... CRAZY right?! Have you ever gone your whole life (or at least a considerable portion of it) thinking that you hated something that you actually really like?! Well, I have. For some crazy reason I had always thought I hated Nutella until I received a little sample … [Read more...]

{MAKE IT} Quinoa Oatmeal


As a vegetarian, I'm constantly striving to increase the amount of protein and iron in my diet. As a busy mom, I'm always looking for healthy, quick and easy breakfast ideas for not only myself, but my kids too. This Quinoa Oatmeal is the perfect solution. I'm a Quinoa lover and am constantly amazed at the various quinoa recipes that keep popping up in my Pinterest feed. … [Read more...]

{MAKE IT} Mini Baked Bread Scrap French Toast


I love breakfast. We're talking, serious, unconditional, I'll drop anything to be with you, love. This is a slight issue in our house as Mr.MoreThanYourAverageMom doesn't share the same breakfast love as I do. Luckily for me however, as the primary cook in this house, I make the rules!So when Momma wants breakfast, Momma gets breakfast! This recipe is essentially the … [Read more...]

{MAKE IT} Bento Bread Scrap French Toast Casserole with Homemade Fresh Berry Compote


The finished, plated product! Delish!!Do you ever scratch your head at the amount of "waste" that comes from all the bento sammies that are made? Well, I have a fantastic secret to share with you!! In my beginning days of bento making I hated the fact that there were all these pieces of bread that were getting essentially going to waste, so I started toasting them and making … [Read more...]